Cecelia Louie

Hi there, I’m Cecelia Louie – graphic designer, paper artist, and online teacher.

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I work full-time as a graphic designer. When I have free time, I create artwork out of paper, and then share what I’ve learned on my blog and YouTube channel.

Some people are addicted to shoes - I’m addicted to paper.

I first fell in love with paper at the age of 6, when my class mate showed us how to make a paper origami balloon. I remember making the series of folds, then puffing my balloon up and sitting there amazed at the delicate ball. I carried my treasure home and have continued seeking that same feeling of awe.

Quilling letters tutorial pattern BeYOUtiful

I love the feel of paper in my hands. When I rub the fibres between my fingers, it tells me how malleable it is, how versatile it can be, and then I become impatient to make the paper come alive. I look at the color and texture, and catalog it somewhere in my memory so I can remember to use it on a specific project. I can spend days rummaging through my stash for that little scrap of paper that’s jammed between hundreds of other scraps, just so I can make it shine in a project.

Whenever I’m drawing, I often feel it’s a challenge to make what I have in my head show up on a page. When I make it out of paper, somehow it works, or even if it doesn’t, I just love the process of it.

I often get lost in my world of paper – adding layer by layer, snipping away the excess. I’m hunched over my desk for hours, watching my project build, waiting for things to dry, and then when I’m done, it’s like a fever breaking. When that spell is broken, I’m free to look up, and see that I’m surrounded by a pile of paper scraps and realize I’m hungry because I should have eaten hours ago.

I love sharing that magical enthralment with others, and I’m always eager to see that spark of joy in their eyes when they realize they can do what I’m doing – making something amazing out of a flat sheet of paper.

Join me to be inspired, learn simple techniques, and gain confidence along your own paper crafting journey.

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Self-published PDF E-Books

2021: Quilling Phrases

2018: Quilling Lowercase Letters

2018: Quilling Numbers

2017: Quilling Uppercase Letters

Printed Books

2017: Quilling Creations: Flora & Fauna, becker&mayer! (Author)

2014: Pretty Quilled Cards, Lark Crafts (Author)

2015: All Things Paper, 2015 (Contributor)

2011: The New Encyclopedia of Origami and Papercraft Techniques (Contributor)

Online Instructor

2015: Bluprint / Craftsy: Quilled & Sculpted Cards

2021: Quiller Cecelia Louie Bends Paper to Her Will, by Roberta WaxCraft Industry Alliance