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Halloween Owl Box - Printable PDF

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WHO? WHO's having an owl-oween party? Share your love of the wise one with your guests. Thank them with a hand cuttable gift box full of treats.

The dark grey owl is ideal for Halloween parties and holds quite a few treats. The snowy white owl is a perfect Hedwig for Harry Potter themed parties – can you imagine your guests getting a scroll message from their owl?

Customize your message using Adobe Acrobat, since this is an editable PDF.

The font and color will look just as you see it here and cannot be changed - just the text itself.


  • 1 dark grey owl
  • 1 snowy white owl

SIZE (inches)

  • 4.5" high 2" wide base 4" wide top 2" deep base (tapers at top)


  • scoring tool (like a dried up pen)
  • craft knife
  • ruler
  • glue or double-side tape
  • Card stock (65lb is shown here)
  • Color printer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download at


  • PDF