Start Quilling Without Tools

Start Quilling Without Tools

No tools? No problem! If you've just fallen in love with quilling and have no supplies, then this video is made just for you. Use what you have on hand to get a taste of quilling before diving in.

Of all the crafts I've played with over the years, quilling is the least expensive, yet I can express so much.


Quilling for beginners - how to make basic shapes


Download a worksheet and follow along with me as I show you how to make basic shapes in my YouTube video.


After you've dipped your toe into quilling, and you want to take your first steps, I always recommend the Klutz Twirled Paper book because it comes with paper, a slotted tool, glue, and so many fun and fantastic examples of quilling suitable for both boys and girls of any age (especially adult-age!). It was my first book, and still my favorite referral for anyone quilling for the first time.

Klutz Twirled Paper Book

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