Soccer Ball Birthday Card - 3D SVG

Soccer Ball Birthday Card - 3D SVG

My soccer-loving nephew has turned 12 and I thought it would be fun to make a card he could get a "kick" out of. He and his brother used to enjoy receiving extra pieces to make the exact card I made. Alas, they're growing up and it's getting harder to impress them. Luckily my readers are a more forgiving audience!

The soccer ball is made of a single piece of white cardstock that gets glued together. Then the black pieces are added afterwards. I added a springing coil of quilled paper to represent a bounce, and a torn green sheet for grass.

To assemble the ball follow the directions – the numbers match the image below:
1) fold along the dotted line and glue the grey triangle under the white pentagon; repeat 4 times.
2) fold the grey tab under the same white pentagon and glue; repeat 4 more times.
3) fold these remaining gray tabs over and glue to your card

The PDF version will have the black areas printed on the ball, so it's easier for hand assembly. The SVG version will have a perforated white outline with the black in separate pieces. These files are for personal use only. I'd love to hear if you gave it a try!

Download Soccer Ball PDF and SVG
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