Quilling Vortex Coils Tutorial

Quilling Vortex Coils Tutorial

Make mesmerizing Vortex coils, invented by Licia Politis. My latest video tutorial showcases making them with standard 1/8" width quilling paper, and an easy hack to unravel them quickly and easily.

quilling tutorial vortex coils unwinding

How to Quickly Unwind the Innermost Coils of the Vortex

Sure, you can poke and prod the innermost coils of the vortex, coaxing them into the mesmerizing swirls we're all after, but what if we did it in a more efficient (ahem, LAZY!!!) way, using a miniature screwdriver?

quilling tutorial vortex coils gluing

How to Handle Glue Tornadoes

Ever experience a twister (shown on the right)? I'll show you how to tame those dreaded tornadoes with an easy, breezy method.


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