Quilling Uppercase Letter Z - Dragonfly Pattern and Tutorial

Quilling Uppercase Letter Z - Dragonfly Pattern and Tutorial

If I'm ever in a rush to fill a monogram, but still want it to look like I took a lot of time to make it, I fill it with C- and S-scrolls because they fill up the space quickly and easily. You don't even have to use a ruler because having a variety of small and large strips fill in corners or spaces naturally. 

In my latest tutorial video, I also share tips on the way I look at my pieces with fresh eyes, how to balance your quilling even when items have already been glued down, and what to do if the colors you used don't turn out the way you intended.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU for giving me your wonderful encouragement for the past 2 years, as I've created this series of tutorial videos. This idea had been in my head  for years, but I kept making excuses not to go through with it. Your kind comments gave me the momentum to keep going and growing with each video I made. Although the purpose was to teach you the techniques I use, I was just as much a student, learning how to improve myself with each lesson. I would never have reached this far without all of you!

With gratitude,

Download the template to make a quick and easy dragonfly.


Quilling Letter Z - Dragonfly Template



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