Quilling Tight Coils Without Holes

Quilling Tight Coils Without Holes

Avoid holes in your tight coils by using a quilling needle tool instead of a slotted tool – then add a drop of water. 


  1. Add a drop of water on your finger, and smear it to disperse the droplet. Touch the paper strip end to allow some excess water to dampen the end. The water will soften the fibres, making it more pliable, and add friction to you finger to make rolling easier.
  2. Place your quilling needle tip halfway down the the strip's width.
  3. Start rolling to your first knuckle. Remove the needle tool.
  4. Using reverse grip tweezers, gently grip the coil and continue coiling.
  5. Glue the end down and place the coil on your desk.
  6. Use a flat tool and press the coil to flatten any edges. 


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Quilling Tight Coil Tutorial - 1 - Drop of Water

Quilling Tight Coil Tutorial - 2 - Needle Tool
Quilling Tight Coil Tutorial - 3 - Coil
Quilling Tight Coil Tutorial - 4 - Reverse Grip Tweezer
Quilling Tight Coil Tutorial - 5 - Glue Bottle
Quilling Tight Coil Tutorial - 6 - Flatten
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