Quilling Letters H and I in a Comment Bubble

Quilling Letters H and I in a Comment Bubble

Why does everything look cuter when it's shrunk? I printed the letters H and I from my book at 25%, and applied them on a folded notecard, to be tucked into hubbie's lunch bag.

Quilling Letters Tutorial Pattern Video
Since the size of the overall design is smaller, I'm using 1/8" width strips this time. I'm still cutting my own strips from Canson Mi-Teintes paper. The letters are straight sided and therefore simple to accomplish.

To load this latest tutorial video with knowledge nuggets, I'm showing how I cut card stock from my template. I've got a simple method to prevent the template from shifting while cutting.

Hand cutting can seem so simple, but what if it becomes skewed? I'll show you how I manage to make clean, neat cuts.

Quilling Letters Tutorial Pattern Note Card Template

Download the free note card pattern and start quilling your own message!

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