Quilling Letters E-book, 26 Patterns and Templates for Quilling the Alphabet

Quilling Letters E-book, 26 Patterns and Templates for Quilling the Alphabet

I'm excited to introduce my new e-book, Quilling Letters! I have watched quilling typography projects gain in popularity with each passing year, and hope my book will help you in your next letter masterpiece.

Quilling Letters Measuring Strips

I've pre-measured every side and curve of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each number corresponds with a template pattern below. Just like my first book, Pretty Quilled Cards, you won't need a ruler or count a fraction of an inch. Just lay your strip on top, score, snip, and you're ready to fold, then glue.

Quilling Letters Measuring Strips

It's much easier to follow along a template when quilling letters. 

Quilling Letters Tracing

Use a dried up pen to trace on top of my template to leave a score line on your work surface.

Watch my step-by-step video showing how to outline the letter A. 

Follow along with me by downloading the template to outline the letter A.

Get Template - Download Quilling Letter A Pattern

Another video showing how to quickly and easily fill the letter will be coming soon.

I hope my book helps you with your next quilling type project – I love hearing about how you've been inspired to try quilling too! Please leave a comment below or any advice you may have to help me improve my next videos.

Paper Brand: Canson, Mi-Tientes
Weight: 98 lb / 160 gsm (heftier than standard quilling paper)
Width: 1/4" (I cut them myself using a Cricut Explore)
Sheet Size: 8½ × 11” or 19 × 25” from fine art stores
Amazon Affiliate Link: http://amzn.to/2zpVAg2

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