Jack Skellington Paper Cut Window Decoration

Halloween Paper Decorations and Treat Bag

Have you watched A Nightmare Before Christmas? I cut Jack Skellington window decorations for Halloween. It's low tech and easy to pack away. 

The scene was mostly hand cut, customized to fit our window. I love how the silhouette shapes are back lit by our indoor lights, especially the moon made of parchment paper.

Actually, what I love most is hearing the gasp of surprise when the trick-or-treaters recognize Jack.

halloween jack skellington window decoration

To greet the tricksters, we carved our jack-o-lanterns with big smiles. Not too shabby for teeth on a cavity-inducing night. We used a grapefruit spoon with its serrated edges to scrape in between the teeth, then the handle to smooth the surface. We also happen to have linoleum cutters to help remove the white layer so the candle can be seen better at night. The perfect "O" for the little pumpkin snack was made with an apple corer.





And lastly our bat cave, thanks to Dana.


Halloween bats decoration

I loved making the witch brooms from Martha Stewart. They look so real when you add twigs or branches, and they hold so much candy.

Halloween treat bag witch broomstick

Happy Haunting everyone!

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