Book Review: Papercut Landscapes by Sarah King

Book Review: Papercut Landscapes by Sarah King

I'm giving the book, Papercut Landscapes, a huge thumbs up! I was not paid to do this review, nor did I receive a free copy of this book. I first heard about it from Ann Martin’s blog, All Things Paper, and then I requested it at my local library. So if you want to support an author or artist, this is a great way to do that without burdening your shelf or wallet.

I was so inspired by Sarah's joy, which is evident throughout her examples, that I had to make a birthday card in her style. I was worried I didn’t have enough patience because I normally cut things with a machine, but I kept getting drawn by the warmth of images that were obviously handmade, so I just had to do it.

Papercut Landscapes - Sketch

My friend and I love to garden, and she loves bunny rabbits, so I drew a pair here, longing to pilfer. 

Papercut Landscapes - 2

Sarah uses pencil to draw her sketches, and thickens up the lines, so I started like that but then I used a Sharpie to get a consistent line thickness. 

Papercut Landscapes - 3

Then she cuts out her template out of white card stock. I used this Strathmore Cream with deckled edge. It’s probably a little too thin, but since it’s a greeting card, I figured it’s ok.

Papercut Landscapes - 4

Sarah cuts her colours out of card stock, but I’m using Daiso paper. I didn’t have any transfer paper, so I just used a pencil and cut along the lines. Then I glued it with my fine tip glue bottle or sometimes I’d reach for a glue stick.

Papercut Landscapes - 5

Sarah explains how to layer each section at a time, and you don’t have to cut every detail because you can overlap.

Papercut Landscapes - Book

Sarah gives a great explanation about how to transfer your image, tips on hand cutting, how to add highlights and shadows, colours, sketching, adapting photos, and includes templates for you to follow. As a fan of paper, I hope you’re as inspired by Sarah King's book, Papercut Landscapes, as I was! Let me know in the comments below!
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